August 15th, 2013 – Bad Day

August 15th, 2013 - Bad Day

As I wrote on the „Why this blog?“-page you will remember some days because they were bad and everything went wrong. This was one of these days. It was intended to be a nice afternoon and evening to celebrate the goodbye with Hannah, my best friend. But it already started quite sad when I got to know that one of my guinea pigs is so sick that he can’t be healed. He has diabetes (yes, really, guinea pigs can have that) and that destroyed his kidneys. I had to decide if we should let him live some more months or if we take him down right away. As some of you know I generally dislike decisions but that was really none I wanted to make. In the end, fate made it because poor Cosmo was feeling so bad that we had to put him down on this very afternoon. That’s why this day really didn’t go as planned and was spent crying instead. The one positive conclusion that I can draw out of this mess is that I am somehow happy that I could be with him before he died and wasn’t in the Netherlands already. And that true friends help you though the hardest times.

Now you might ask yourself why I post this photo of my hair. Well, it was the only one I took on this day. As we were feeling a bit better, Hannah dyed my hair because my natural colour was showing. Don’t worry, I do not still look like this, my hair is now pink all over again!

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