August 17th, 2013 – Tuuuuuuuut

August 17th, 2013 - Tuuuuuuuut

Sorry that I cannot find a better title but the parking garage next to the student house has been making this annoying tuuuuuut sound for some hours now. Anyway, today is my second day in Amsterdam and we have just been to the city. It looks so nice with all the little streets and lights and with the „grachten“ which are the canals. We ate some Dutch fries and explored the Red Light District with all its bars, steak houses and sexshops.
As I want you to learn something about the Netherlands, let me just tell you some interesting fact: some time ago the price for houses at the canals was determined by the width of the front (so not by qm). As a consequence most of the houses are pretty narrow and it is quite difficult to get furniture to the upper floors. That’s why almost every house has a hook at the roof where you could hang a rope and pull your furniture up. I will take a photo of that so that you can actually understand what I mean.

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