August 27th, 2013 – Does alone equal lonely?

August 27th, 2013 - Does alone equal lonely?

Well the last days weren’t that eventful, due to the fact that I am a bit ill and therefore mostly stay inside to get better. But on August 27th, I went to the inner city and sat around a lot reading in my favourite book. As I set there on my own at the side of a canal, I wondered whether people would find me strange. And then I wondered why this bothered me so much. I am a person that can perfectly spend some days on her own without constantly needing someone around, not meaning that I am lonely or antisocial. I think that this is something very valuable because on the one hand, there is not always someone around and on the other hand, being alone means dealing with yourself and with your feelings. I therefore shouldn’t be bothered by people finding me strange when I am walking or sitting around alone.
By the way, the sea gull sitting on the boat in front of me somehow kept me company. First, it sat more on the left, maintaining a safe distance, but then it started moving closer until it was barely one meter away. Later, it even sat right next to me, waiting to scrounge some of my fries.

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