September 10th, 2013 – Habits

September 10th, 2013 - Habits

Do you have habits? Certainly you do. Maybe you’re always late, or you take a nap every day, or maybe you look at your smartphone all the time – there is an uncountable number of habits you can have, good ones or bad. Having habits is a useful thing because it helps our brain focus on important or urgent issues without having to think about every little thing. Here is a little anecdote about me: most of my courses at hva are on the fourth floor. When you want to go to the toilet on this floor, you go right to the womens‘ and left to the mens‘, so I developed the habit of going into the right room (literally) without thinking about it. Well, the toilets on the ground floor are exactly the other way round so I suddenly stood inside the wrong room. It wasn’t as embarrassing as you might think but it made me think about my habits. I came to the conclusion that, as your whereabouts, your living conditions or even your personality change over time, you should have a closer look at your habits and ask yourself if they are still applicable.

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