September 18th, 2013 – Happy?

September 18th, 2013 - Happy?

Yesterday was one of these days where you just hang around feeling dull and crabby. This was triggered by a guest lecturer who told us about the personal challenges he recently faced. First, he worked for a multinational company as general manager and was very successful, but then he got fired and divorced, thus facing two huge changes all at once. But instead of this filling him with bitterness, it made him discover his passion and fight for it. He learned that his passion wasn’t working in a multinational company but teaching, so he changed his whole lifestlye and became a lecturer. And now he radiates happiness.
Well, this is a nice story, you might think, why does it make me unhappy? Because I feel like I haven’t found my passion yet. Is it speaking foreign languages? Is it sewing? Certainly it’s not making analyses about business topics. I already made a big step into the general direction of my passions when I quit my studies to become tax inspector and instead went for International Business. But I still don’t feel truly happy. Anyway, one day of laying around and feeling miserable should be enough and now it is time to find out what my real passions are!


Ein Gedanke zu „September 18th, 2013 – Happy?

  1. Dear Reana, i didn’t find my true passion, too. So head up. Business, like we learn and learned it, somehow isn’t fullfilling my life. I hope, you will be more lucky than me, and find your passion earlier. Best regards from france 🙂

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