September 23rd, 2013 – The Vacuum Cleaner Mystery

September 23rd, 2013 - The Vacuum Cleaner Mystery

Today I want to share a mystery with you, the mystery of the vacuum cleaners. In this enchanted kingdom (student house), there are rumors of seven precious weapons (vacuum cleaners) which are spread all around the kingdom. They are extremely valuable because they are able to – hold your breaths– fight against the tiny, mean creatures (dust) that hide all over your castle (apartment) and turn it into a shiny clean place. But the luck is only with few of the knights and princesses (students), because these precious weapons are not easy to find. Sometimes, you even have to travel all around the kingdom and come home with empty hands anyway. The lone maid (me) with her castle in the forest whose leaves have the colour of the see (2nd floor) truly hopes that the knights of the Round Table (resident assistants) find a way to solve the mystery and make the weapons accessible to the whole kingdom.

Okay, if you don’t like fairy tales and have read until this point, you are really brave. This is a short summary for you: the d*mn vacuum cleaners of which there is supposed to be one for each floor are constantly nowhere to be found and it’s really annoying to run around the whole student house to look for them.
If you do like fairy tales or stories, you might want to visit the blog of my friend Pascal. He also has a 365 Days Challenge, but with short stories.

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