September 24th, 2013 – Let the Bonsai Battle Begin!

September 24th, 2013 - Let the Bonsai Battle Begin!

Today, I spent some hours with Johann, my AIESEC grandpa and friend, who happened to be in Amsterdam. We walked around the city and as we reached the flower market, Johann told me that he definitely wanted to have a really huge palm tree some day but that he’d better start with a bonsai tree. The flower market actually sells less flowers and more seeds and bulbs and since you cold buy two grow-your-own-bonsai sets for just 5 €, we both got one. From my point of view, bonsais are very sensitive and if you give them one strange look, they instantly die, but anyway. We decided to start a bonsai battle to see whose bonsai… well… grows at all; so wish me luck!

PS: Isn’t this a nice photo?

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