October 21st, 2013 – To-Do-Lists

October 21 2013


I bet all of you have at least once made a To-Do-List and they have pretty much saved my life hundreds of times! In my opinion, they are useful for a couple of reasons: first, keeping tasks in mind is sometimes not easy, especially when you have to complete a lot of them. Writing them down gets them out of your head and you can instead focus on more important things – this gives you a sense of security. Second, you can organize your notes better than the thoughts swirling around in your mind and third, it is a great feeling when you eventually cross something off your list! Additionally, I like to prioritize my To-Do’s and give them a time frame so that I can easily integrate them in my schedule. A standard list could look like this:

Buy groceries
Read one chapter for course X
Complete this really important project
Do the dishes
Write Hannah an emai

My list in contrast would look like that:

Complete this really important project (120 min)
Read one chapter for course X (60 min)
Write Hannah an email (5 min)
Buy groceries (60 min)
Do the dishes (30 min)

This makes it very easy for me to see if I have enough time to do everything and what comes first, so I won’t end up at 8 p.m. still having to complete this really important project. A few more tips: „make a break“ can also be an important To-Do, especially when you tend to overwork yourself and you could also have seperate lists e.g. for work, university and private life to make distinguishing between those areas easier.

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