October 22nd – 25th, 2013 – Vive La France!

Finally I get to post something about my vacation in the cute city of Perpignan! I’ve had a blackout in my room the whole weekend and my laptop’s battery lasts about 20 min, so I had no chance to blog!

Last Tuesday, I got up at 3:30 h (a.m.) and made my way to the airport. After a few hours of driving and flying, I finally met Hannah again! We’ve rarely been separated for such a long time over the last years! Although we were both a bit tired, we started our first adventure right away: a visit to „Les Gorges de la Fou“ which is the narrowest canyon of the world! You can walk through it for about 1,5 km and the narrowest point is just 80 cm wide! It was awesome to see such a variety of nature, from pure stone to walls coated with plants!


On the second day, we walked through the city, which has a nice mediterranean flair, and spent the evening at a beautiful lake near the beach. Unfortunately, Hannah seems to be a real mosquito magnet and was covered with more than 50 bites! Nevertheless, we managed to take some nice photos and even watch flamingos in their natural habitat!


On Thursday, we visited „Les Orgues“. They are organ pipe-shaped rocks that have taken millions of years to emerge like that. Everytime it rains, more sand is carried away and that’s why they constantly change.


The next day, it was already time to say goodbye and I started my journey home. Kind of cool to be in three countries on one day (France, Spain & the Netherlands).

By the way: I love palm trees! They instantly give me the feeling of being on vacation!


All in all, I had four great days with my best friend and I am already looking forward to see her again in December!


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