October 26th – 27th, 2013 – Blackout


Some of you know that I sometimes seem to attract bad luck. Last weekend was a great demonstration for that: my room (and JUST my room) had no electricity and no one knew why. It was kind of interesting to realize how dependent I am on electricity. No lights, no stove, no hairdryer (and that was the real drama!). I tried to take it as a challenge and deal with it somehow (at least relaxing with candle light is quite nice) but as there was an important meeting and a deadline for university lurking around, I couldn’t really relax at all . Finally, at 3:30 h (a.m.) this morning, I woke up to bright lights and the even sound of my air conditioning. At first, I didn’t realize what happened and thought it was bright day, but then the penny dropped and I was just happy!



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