November 11th & 12th, 2013 – Nerdy

Today I finished my second monster: Nerdy!

Hi, I'm Nerdy!

Hi, I’m Nerdy!

He also is really easy to sew and you don’t need many things. I used:

  • two pieces of fabric
  • three different colours of felt (black, pink, white)
  • yarn (Preferably in colours matching the felt/fabric. As you can see, I don’t have black and took turquoise for the glasses)
  • stuffing

First, choose the form of your monster. Nerdy has a huge head and small body. Then think of features like eyes, mouth and accessories. I downloaded the pattern at It’s Always Autumn.


Then choose your favourite fabric and felt colour.


Cut out everything you need and then sew the accessories on the front side of your monster. I sew the felt parts by hand and the mouth with a zigzag stitch of my IKEA sewing machine.


Almost finished! Sew your monster together by placing the wrong sides of the fabric on top of each other so that when you turn it inside out, you have both right sides outside. Remember to leave a few cm open for the stuffing! When you’re done, turn it inside out, fill it with the stuffing and sew the last part shut.


Front side


Back side

 Et voilà, you have a cute little monster!


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