December 13th, 2013 – Dag Amsterdam

Yesterday was my last full day in Amsterdam (given that I won’t have to write resits in January) and I spent the whole day doing things I like. First, I went to the Albert Cuyp Market to buy things for my next sewing project and a Christmas gift for my grandma, then I visited a cute little handcrafting store and spent some time sitting in a café (een kopje koffie is heel belangrijk in Nederland!).

Then, I met my friend Hanna and we visitied the Amsterdam Light Festival. There were installations of artists, focusing on light, all around the city. Here are some impressions:


„We light Amsterdam“
by Stichting Nieuwe Helden

If I had to name a favourite, it would probably be this because it is so simple and yet so beautiful. Artists collected lamps from Amsterdammers and set them up as the shape of the words „We light Amsterdam“.


Big Tree
by Jacques Rival


Canonicalization of the seductive mind
by Shih Chieh Huang

Floating Light by Wouter Brave

Floating Light
by Wouter Brave

Beware of the dog! by Bas Peeters

Beware of the dog!
by Bas Peeters

I also really liked „Beware of the dog!“. There were about ten of these windows in a row, each with the projection of another person. When you walked close enough, they started barking at you. Each person had a bark that somehow matched their appearance (except for this man because he sounded like an angry Chihuahua). I like that it is interactive and strange, because you do not expect serious looking people to bark at you.


This actually is not an artwork, but most of you know that I love rainbows, so I had to take a photo of it!

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