Project 17 – Wrinkled Mini Skirt

As I still have „Fernweh“ for Amsterdam, I have been planning to visit a Dutch fabric market for quite a while. Last weekend, finally, one came to Dortmund! The issue was that I hadn’t really planned any sewing project so I rummaged through my „creative“ bookmarks and found a great tutorial for a wrinkled mini skirt on This Big Oak Tree. All you need is 120 cm of fabric, elastic, thread, and a sewing machine. After I walked around the market for some time (there is SUCH a great choice!) I found the perfect design: it consists of tiny triangles in different colors. Besides being pretty it is also easy to cut and sew because it is so geometric (:

This is what my skirt looks like:

DIY wrinkled mini skirt

Colorful wrinkled mini skirt

Be careful to use a soft fabric and enough of it in order to get enough wrinkles in your skirt. Initially, I though that a width of 170 cm was way too much but it turned out to be just right. What is especially nice about the skirt is the fact that it has pockets. They make it practical and casual. Now I just have to wait for the weather to be good enough to wear it!

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