I spy with my little eye… 04

Pink CollageTime for my last post from my London student apartment. It is amazing how, when you stand at the beginning of something, you think: „Wow, that’s gonna take a long time“ and when it’s over, it feels like the blink of an eye. I spent four weeks here to gather the last ECTS for my bachelor’s degree but I got way more than that. I found two wonderful friends who are just on my wavelength, I discovered new sides of myself and I fell in love with this city! Sorry Amsterdam, I still love you most, but London is not far behind. I loved strolling through the city, lying around in parks and discovering all the markets. I loved seeing the sunsets from my appartment window, my lecturer Susie and meeting the girls. I also hated a few things but overall, I am really grateful for this experience!
I am also looking forward to coming home, having my own appartment and my guinea pigs back, eating lunch with my grandparents and frozen yoghurt with my best friend and doing creative stuff!

The end of my stay here also marks the start of a new stage of my life: my job life. I think it will be strange not being able to enjoy the bright sides of studying anymore, like semesters breaks and lots of free time but I am nevertheless sooo happy to be (as good as) done with it! My whole life will be restructured around my job and I will do my best to keep all the creativity in it!

Bye London.

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