Project 26 – Selfie Pillow

I’ve started working on this DIY in February but since then, I haven’t really been in the mood to finish it. I found the idea on some blog I can’t remember because I just saved this picture. The original DIY tutorial was about the colourful garlands but look at how cute these pillows are! So I decided to make one that looks like me – kinda. My hair was still pink back then and I tend to blush easily, I always wear bangs and I laugh a lot so in these aspects, the pillow is pretty accurate! My glasses are missing though. But it’s cute nonetheless!

DIY Selfie Pillow

You basically start with drawing the oval shape of the head on a piece of cardboard where you can also try out different kinds of hair and accessories. Then you cut the whole thing out and transfer it to a piece of fabric that matches the hair colour of the person you want to make the pillow for (I think it’s a great gift idea!). Then you cut out the face and also transfer it to matching pieces of fabric. On the link above, the eyes, blush and mouth were sewn onto the face but I decided to glue them. If you’re a perfectionist, you better sew them so that they won’t fray around the edges. You then sew everything together and stuff it with lots of stuffing. And ta-da, you got your own cute selfie pillow!

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