Project 26 – Selfie Pillow

I’ve started working on this DIY in February but since then, I haven’t really been in the mood to finish it. I found the idea on some blog I can’t remember because I just saved this picture. The original DIY tutorial was about the colourful garlands but look at how cute these pillows are! So I decided to make one that looks like me – kinda. My hair was still pink back then and I tend to blush easily, I always wear bangs and I laugh a lot so in these aspects, the pillow is pretty accurate! My glasses are missing though. But it’s cute nonetheless!

DIY Selfie Pillow

You basically start with drawing the oval shape of the head on a piece of cardboard where you can also try out different kinds of hair and accessories. Then you cut the whole thing out and transfer it to a piece of fabric that matches the hair colour of the person you want to make the pillow for (I think it’s a great gift idea!). Then you cut out the face and also transfer it to matching pieces of fabric. On the link above, the eyes, blush and mouth were sewn onto the face but I decided to glue them. If you’re a perfectionist, you better sew them so that they won’t fray around the edges. You then sew everything together and stuff it with lots of stuffing. And ta-da, you got your own cute selfie pillow!


Project 2 – Plushie Baby Pony

Project 2 - Plushie Baby Pony

Tadaaa! This is the incredibly cute outcome of my second project: a plushie baby pony! Like most of my first tries, it is not perfect but adorable nonetheless! It took me hours to complete it as it involves a lot of cutting and hand-stitching but the hardest part was adding the face because it gives the pony its character. I recommend this pony for more advanced sewers. The pattern is from Teacup Lion Designs.
Some time in the next weeks, I will make a second one with a unicorn horn and wings but first, I will make some smaller projects. For the next one, I need press buttons (Druckknöpfe) and rhinestones (Strasssteine), can you guess what it is?

Project 2 – Please Hold the Line

Project 2 - Please Hold the Line

It’s week three of the year and unfortunately, I have been sick for the last eight days and therefore haven’t managed to finish my second project in time. I have, however, started with it: a cute and soft plush pony which I found at Teacup Lion Designs. The pattern is really detailed but I am not that satisfied with it for different reasons. Additionally, the pony is way harder to sew than I thought but I am an ambitious person, so of course I am going to finish it!

On this photo, you can see the head with ears and a pink mane.

November 11th & 12th, 2013 – Nerdy

Today I finished my second monster: Nerdy!

Hi, I'm Nerdy!

Hi, I’m Nerdy!

He also is really easy to sew and you don’t need many things. I used:

  • two pieces of fabric
  • three different colours of felt (black, pink, white)
  • yarn (Preferably in colours matching the felt/fabric. As you can see, I don’t have black and took turquoise for the glasses)
  • stuffing

First, choose the form of your monster. Nerdy has a huge head and small body. Then think of features like eyes, mouth and accessories. I downloaded the pattern at It’s Always Autumn.


Then choose your favourite fabric and felt colour.


Cut out everything you need and then sew the accessories on the front side of your monster. I sew the felt parts by hand and the mouth with a zigzag stitch of my IKEA sewing machine.


Almost finished! Sew your monster together by placing the wrong sides of the fabric on top of each other so that when you turn it inside out, you have both right sides outside. Remember to leave a few cm open for the stuffing! When you’re done, turn it inside out, fill it with the stuffing and sew the last part shut.


Front side


Back side

 Et voilà, you have a cute little monster!

Creative Stuff – The Gobbler


My Gobbler 01

The Gobbler with its hungry mouth closed.

I just finished my second monster: The Gobbler. The pattern was again taken from ShinyHappyWorld and although it may look more difficult, it was actually easier to sew than the tissue monster. Even the zipper didn’t cause me any problems and now I am reallyreallyreally proud of my cute (AND useful!) new monster!

My Gobbler 02

The hungry Gobbler looking for food.

The Gobbler gives you a lot of creative scope: you can choose different types of eyes, add nostrils, hair and other accessoiries to make him your perfect companion for the university or office!

My Gobbler 03


Creative Stuff – The Tissue Monster

Creative Stuff - The Tissue Monster

May I proudly introduce: the tissue monster! It is cute AND useful because you can store tissues in it (what a surprise). All you need is two pieces of fabric, two pieces of rickrack for the teeth and buttons for the eyes. And a sewing machine and standard equipment of course. It is relatively easy to make and it took me about two hours. For advanced sewers it should take less time.
I got the sewing pattern from a great homepage: You can find all kinds of sewing patterns and really good tutorials there!